Our Team

Meet Our Team

We can’t begin to offer the kind of service we want to without first having a team of individuals that care about our commitment to quality service as much as we do.

Matthew Van Buskirk


Marcelyn Van Buskirk

Vice President/Secretary

Henry Simon

Supervisor/Crating Manager

Jonas Howell

Supervisor/Moving Specialist

Mike Goldspinner

Supervisor/Moving Specialist

Ian Goff

Moving Specialist

Neil Sekol

Moving Specialist/Sales

Debra Stettler

Move/Relocation Coordinator

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With great teamwork, comes great success!

A Company Is Only As Extraordinary As Its People

Treating our customers like friends and family has been our focus and business plan since day one. 

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service, and we make a commitment to each client that we will treat their belongings as our own. 

Our team includes expertly trained, in-house staff and professional movers, a complement of specialized equipment and moving trucks, and storage in our heated warehouse in Delaware Water Gap.